Cedar Roofs

Patrick talks about the importance of keeping your Cedar, Composition, and Tile roofs clear of excess tree debris. He tells us about Compressor Blowing your roof. Why we do this and how we do it! He also tells us the different levels of tree debris and how they need to be maintained. He talks about Heavy debris… Read more »

Home inspectors check all aspects of your home, while they are useful, you are not always guaranteed an expert in all aspects of the home. A large percentage of home inspectors will never walk your roof. We offer REAL ESTATE inspections for pending home or property sales. This is a very thorough and professional statement… Read more »

Patrick talks about what is required for proper attic ventilation. If your home hasn’t been inspected for proper ventilation you could be wasting energy all year round! Roof Life can inspect your home and let you know what is needed to keep it in peak performance!

     Its late fall to early winter in Portland and homeowners are wondering what they can do to make sure there roof is in good shape. Most important is to get the junk off of it. The tree debris will cause water retention and it’s not good for your roof. Debris buildup creates diversions of… Read more »