Patrick Podium

Most people have no idea that allowing a friend to do a favor or service for you can end up costing you in a liability lawsuit if they get injured. Patrick’s here with a cautionary tale to explain how this happens and provides practical tips on how you can avoid it! We’re Licensed, Bonded, and… Read more »

We are the only roofing company in Portland that has a lifetime workmanship warranty on our work. People often ask us, “What does that mean, exactly? So let’s go back a step. We take care of 11,000 roofs put on by everybody else. Unfortunately, most of these roofs were put on by builders in large… Read more »

In this episode, Roof Life’s founder, Patrick, opens up about our company catchphrase, and why it’s so much more than just words. Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB020-170: Shayla: Welcome to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking today with CEO Patrick Morin. Patrick, what does it mean when we hear on the radio or see on your… Read more »

The “Your Roof is Our Roof Warranty” is a way for us to let you know how much all 48 of us at Roof Life of Oregon care about your roof. Your roof is our roof means we guarantee there will be no growth or leaks on your roof. The only exceptions are act of… Read more »

When you drive through the Portland area, you’ll probably hear about Roof Life of Oregon’s “well care check-up” on the radio. If you roof isn’t under a well care plan, heavy moss will grow horizontally and then up the verticals of your shingles. The wind blown rain, mixed with debris and moss, will help water… Read more »