Images of The Week

From a recent email, dated March 1st, 2017: Good Morning Roof Life Roofies,   In my travels around the beautiful town of Lake Oswego searching for clients to serve; I had the opportunity to clear a pesky downspout that was blocked with material from a recent re-roof installation. While I was enjoying my time in this… Read more »

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of alternate roofing materials fail. But the price of asphalt and cedar fiber continues to go up, so we’ve been looking for an alternative with a proven track record. After years of research, we’ve decided to alternate roofing materials: Davinci and Decra roofing products to our offerings here... Read more »

DaVinci Sample Roof

Many homeowners end up with warranties they don’t fully understand. A manufacturer warranty covers just the product itself – it doesn’t cover the way it is installed. That’s where the workmanship warranty comes in. It’s important to make sure you have both. Some contractors will talk to a homeowner, sell them a roof, and tell... Read more »

Incorrect installation- no plywood decking! Nails right through felt = leak city.

If you are thinking of painting your pipe flashing to help them blend with the roof, it’s going to look good for two, maybe three years, and then it’s going to look pretty awful. Even if you use what’s called roofer’s paint, it’s not going to last. I was up on a four-year-old roof this… Read more »

Last week was a doozy for us! We totaled two of our vehicles en route to a job site. Both service vans were headed up a hill in Estacada, and when they rounded a curve, there was a box truck stopped in the middle of the road. The first van braked in time, but the second didn’t. There… Read more »