Roof Cleaning

After working in and around your home for many years, you might develop a relationship with your landscaper or handyman, but unless that person is insured and bonded, do not let them get on your roof. Your landscaper may offer to get up on the roof to clear off leaves, pollinizers, or tree debris in… Read more »

Homeowners often call us and say, “I have this horrible moss on my roof. Can you make you it look nicer?”  We always inspect the roof to evaluate what, if anything, can be done. We will never do anything to your roof to move it backward. But not all companies work that way. There are… Read more »

Most people have no idea that allowing a friend to do a favor or service for you can end up costing you in a liability lawsuit if they get injured. Patrick’s here with a cautionary tale to explain how this happens and provides practical tips on how you can avoid it! We’re Licensed, Bonded, and… Read more »