Real Estate Certification

In this episode, Patrick discusses the importance of having a roofing contractor who is clued-in to the real-estate market, as well as the codes and ordinances for your town and state. This is especially important when it comes to real estate inspection. Find out why a bad inspection cost this client over $90,000! Podcast Transcription-… Read more »

This blows our minds. There continues to be a wealth of fly-by-night roofing contractors hired by good people, who do bad work and then disappear, leaving the client helpless. Jerry describes some of the possible pitfalls, and why you should never hire anyone who backs their services for only one year. Our Credentials

Patrick recalls working with a client whose home was in a historic zone and needed specialty roof instructions which his general home inspector failed to give. Our Real Estate Roof Inspections are the real deal, and we back them up with a certification. Find out more: Portland Roof Inspections