Real Estate Certification

Roof Life of Oregon has been providing roof certifications for real estate over the last five years. Our own clients were real estate folks, and they realized the value of going into a deal with a roof that’s been certified to last five years. It helps give every party involved the peace of mind they… Read more »

Patrick discusses this emerging field/type of inspections. It’s used to make sure that the roof on a home you’re purchasing/selling is certifiable and going to last x-number of years. It’s much more in-depth and accurate than a general home inspector can give. Roof Life is setting the industry standard in these inspections. You know you’re… Read more »

When you’re re-roofing your home, the materials you choose determine whether it’s a thirty, forty, or even fifty-year roof. So how do you know which one to choose? Many homeowners think they should base the answer to that question on how long they plan to be in their home. The problem with that is you never know exactly how long you’ll… Read more »