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Roofing is complicated, but we hope you find value in the various topics and posts we’ve procured over the years from our exceptional service to the Greater Portland Metro. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

Watch: What Is The Lifetime Workmanship Warranty?

Jerry discusses what RoofLife’s “Lifetime Workmanship Warranty” is, what it means to us, and what it will mean to you. We take pride in, and guarantee our work.

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Watch: Why Might I Not Have a Warranty?

Jerry explains why your roofing warranty is more tricky than another product you buy… this information might end up saving you a bundle on your next roof!

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What is a Real Estate Roof Certification?

Roof Life of Oregon has been providing roof certifications for real estate over the last five years. Our own clients were real estate folks, and they realized the value of …

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Podcast: Questions From Clients- Why Should I Call Roof Life? What Makes You Better?

In this episode, Patrick opens some reader-mail and discusses their questions about our treatment, what makes us different, and why you should call Roof Life of Oregon for your roofing …

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Watch: What Is a Real Estate Roof Certification?

Patrick discusses this emerging field/type of inspections. It’s used to make sure that the roof on a home you’re purchasing/selling is certifiable and going to last x-number of years. It’s …

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Podcast: Waiting To Fix Leaks Until You’re Ready To Sell Your Home Is A Bad Idea

In this episode, Patrick Morin tells us what happens when a homeowner with an old leak tries to put their home on the market. Never let a leak go un-diagnosed! …

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Watch: What’s The Difference Between A Workmanship Warranty & A Manufacturer Warranty?

In this episode, Daniel describes the different types of roof warranties, why and how they differ, and why you should care. Read more about our warranties on our website.

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Watch: How Costly Are Roof Repairs When I’m Selling My House

In this episode, Patrick tells a cautionary tale about what happens when you wait to fix a leak. A Real Estate Roof Inspection could deliver some very bad news. Don’t …

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Watch: Don’t Trust the Ladder Inspection

Before you buy a home, make sure you have the roof professionally inspected. Schedule a roof certification with Roof Life of Oregon. 

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