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Roofing is complicated, but we hope you find value in the various topics and posts we’ve procured over the years from our exceptional service to the Greater Portland Metro. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

Podcast: Is Longevity The Main Concern When I Look For A New Roof?

In this episode, Jerry discusses what to look for when replacing the roof on a new home. Transcription: RoofLife014-114  Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon Podcast, …

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Podcast: Waiting To Fix Leaks Until You’re Ready To Sell Your Home Is A Bad Idea

In this episode, Patrick Morin tells us what happens when a homeowner with an old leak tries to put their home on the market. Never let a leak go un-diagnosed! …

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Podcast: Ever- Changing Weather Patterns In Oregon

In this episode, Roof Life of Oregon CEO, Patrick Morin, discusses why roof maintenance is so important amidst the chaotic weather we have in Oregon. Transcription: Shayla: Thank you for …

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Podcast: Have you looked at your trees lately?

Our gorgeous Portland trees change and mature with each passing year. And sometimes our roofs are affected by the added foliage. Listen to CEO Patrick Morin explain what to look …

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Podcast: What Should I Expect During Inspection?

An inspection from Roof Life is unlike any other in the Portland area. In this episode, Jerry explains the process.

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Podcast: Roofing in the Spring

Thinking about starting your landscaping for the year? Be sure to do any roof work first. In this podcast, Jerry explains why.

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Podcast: What Makes Roof Life Reputable?

In this episode, Jerry explains what really makes a roofing company reputable.

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Podcast: How Does Portland Weather Affect a Comp Roof?

If you have a composition roof in Portland, listen to find out how our weather can really affect those asphalt shingles.

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Podcast: Patrick Explains Three Types of Moss

In this episode, Patrick Morin talks about the 3 kinds of moss that Roof Life routinely encounters on Portland rooftops. Learn how each kind of moss can wreak havoc on …

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