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Roofing is complicated, but we hope you find value in the various topics and posts we’ve procured over the years from our exceptional service to the Greater Portland Metro. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

Podcast: Why Are Our Roof Inspections Called “Well-Care Check-Ups”?

In this episode, Patrick describes why we call our roof inspections “well-care check-ups” and what they entail. It’s a lot more than you think! It’s just one more step we …

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Watch: What Makes Roof Life of Oregon The Best?

Patrick fields a client question about why our services are better than other and what we use to treat the moss and keep it from coming back. If you’re asking …

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What to Expect From a Roof Life Inspection

We’ve been in the roofing business for over thirty-four years here in Portland, so we know what your roof is up against! A roof inspection or, as we call it, …

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Podcast: Shake Roof Repair vs Replacement

In this episode, Patrick discusses who’s really in charge at Roof Life, and when it’s to consider roof repair vs replacement of your shake roof, among other things. Podcast Transcription- …

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Too Many Repairs on a Shake Roof

How do you know when you have too many repairs on a shake roof? How to know when it’s time to choose between roof repair vs replacement? It’s actually pretty simple. When we …

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Watch: When Is A Shake Roof Beyond Repair?

Patrick discusses when and how to know if your shake roof is at the breaking point and its time to go beyond repair to replacement. Includes pictures.

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Watch” What’s the Difference Between Being A Good Value and Being “Cheap”?

Patrick discussed the difference between looking for a good value and looking for the cheapest deal. You want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for in the best …

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