In this episode, we talk to Jerry about the increasing level of technical knowledge and application Roof Life of Oregon is using to stay ahead of the crowd. Jerry has been working on developing a new form of roofing software that gives us the ability to be transparent with our clients at every level of… Read more »

roof life of oregon technology

Roof Life of Oregon has been around for a long time, and up until a few years ago, we were living in the paper age. While some of the old technology is still ideal, we’ve recently decided to create our own software program so that we can communicate with clients easily and with transparency. We… Read more »

We have used our 35+ years of knowledge and experience to create cutting-edge software that allows us to have an unheard of level of transparency with our clients. Cutting-edge tools, video quotes, and roof replacement software all set us apart. We believe you shouldn’t have to be a roofer to understand your roof. If you… Read more »

Poor ventilation is the number one reason for roof failure. We see it all the time. Recently, we had a client who had a fairly new roof with all sorts of problems that ended up costing him $90,000 to fix. It’s a big deal. This particular client had poor product to start with that had... Read more »

Microbial growth in a poorly-vented attic