I get the ‘limited warranty’ question a lot when sitting down with homeowners who are trying to figure out what kind of roof to put on their home. Does that mean the manufacturer is guaranteeing your roof will last you a lifetime? Not even close.  First things first: manufacturer warranties are made to be vague…. Read more »

There are several options when it comes to roofing your home in the Portland Area. In this video, Jerry explains how Roof Life of Oregon can help you decide what’s best for your home. Call us for a free inspection and we can help you choose which roof is going to look good, work right,… Read more »

If you clean your own gutters, you might see some granules from your composition roof collecting in the bottom. We typically see composition roofs lose granules over time. But if you have an excessive amount, we might have a serious issue. Your roof is put together with a mat, asphalt, and then the granules. And… Read more »