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White Zinc Powder on Roof Kills More Than Just Moss

When driving by a neighbor’s house, have you ever wondered, “Why is there white powder on their roof?” In short, it is known as zinc sulfate powder which is used …

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Zinc Strips – Are They A Waste of Time & Money?

Zinc stripes are the latest invention for fungus and moss control. These very thin metal strips can be easily installed by most homeowners or roofers with galvanized roofing nails. Unfortunately, …

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Roof Life owner Patrick D. Morin to be featured on….

Be sure to tune to KPAM 860 AM tomorrow from 9am to 11am to hear Handy Randy interview me about the unique challenges of keeping your roof in good shape here in Portland! If …

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Moss Growth on a Composition Roof Part 2

Patrick tells us a little more about how moss growth can really harm the roofs that takes such good care of you. To hear the first part of the explanation …

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Moss Growth on a Composition Roof Part 1

Why is moss growth a problem on roofs in the Portland area? Moss growth can cause lifting of shakes and shingles, dry rot, and leaks to appear where water is …

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