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Podcast: What Should I Look For When Hiring A Roof Inspector?

In this episode, Daniel shares his #1 tip- or #1 thing to look for- when you’re hiring a roof inspector. Find out what it is on our blog today. Podcast …

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Podcast: Why Should I Have Roof Life Help Install My Satellite Dish?

In this episode, Daniel talks about satellite dishes, antennas, etc. If a contractor comes out to install something on your roof and they aren’t a roofer, chances are you’re going …

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Podcast: Never Allow Anyone On Your Roof Unless They’re Licensed, Bonded, AND Insured

In this episode, Patrick tells a cautionary tale about a favor that went very wrong and ended up costing a homeowner his livelihood and his home. Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB023-179 Shayla: …

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Some Companies Will Do Anything for a Quick Buck

Homeowners often call us and say, “I have this horrible moss on my roof. Can you make you it look nicer?”  We always inspect the roof to evaluate what, if …

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Watch: Why Shouldn’t I Allow My Landscaper On My Roof?

Most people have no idea that allowing a friend to do a favor or service for you can end up costing you in a liability lawsuit if they get injured. …

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