We get asked all the time whether we can replace sections of a roof or not. Some roofing companies will say “no” because they’d like to make money off of replacing an entire roof, but this is not always necessary. RoofLife performs partial roof replacement quite frequently.

You may not have to replace your entire roof, if only a certain section has gone bad.

I just recently met a homeowner with a composition roof. The north and the west sides had moss growth and things like that. But the south side had really taken a beating from the wind.

The homeowner said, “Do I have to replace my entire roof now?”

I said, “We can give you a quote for replacing the whole thing, or we can just replace just the south side, and get you another ten years on the rest of the roof.” If the whole things doesn’t need immediate replacement, there’s no reason to do it unless the homeowner wants to. Let that be your decision. It can be quite a relief to know you’ve got 5-10 more years to save up for replacement costs. 

You’ve already paid for the roof once. Don’t keep pouring more money into something that you can keep going for much, much longer. Rooflife will give you an honest estimate and help your roof look better and last longer.

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