This week at RoofLife:

We celebrated Valentine’s Day, Oregon State’s Birthday, and the advent of our new website/social media sites!

We are sending one of the treasured members of our RoofLife Team on his way. Heath has been with us for over two years and in that time has made a significant impact as manager of our re-roof division. We wish him, and his family, all the best!

(Photo of Heath and Jerry)

In our meeting this week, we did some additional in-depth training on some of the major tells that help our consultants distinguish one type of shingle from another. Even though every company manufactures their shingles slightly differently, many of the shingles have a similar look. After age/weather exposure, it can get more difficult to tell one company from another. Those of us who aren’t able to get on a roof on a daily basis really enjoyed this inside look and thought our clients might benefit, as well.

Here are some photos of the sample board our consultant Daniel made:

In our roof maintenance division, we are constantly confronted with the ongoing challenge of fixing and repairing existing roofs. Matching the repair shingles to the existing roof often proves to be the defining critique used by our clients in grading their roof project. Every year the shingle manufactures change colors and patterns and in some cases, the shingle itself. So, trying to match shingle dimensions and aesthetics along with a wide variety of color options becomes quite tedious. We are constantly reviewing and updating our field training materials in order to be equipped to describe the subtle differences that separate most shingles.

We are blessed to have 3 of the TOP shingle manufactures’ located right here in our home town of Portland Oregon. Having a great relationship with these manufactures along with staying up to date with ongoing training; we still look for opportunities to improve our abilities in identifying shingles so that we can give you the best looking roof possible.

The visual training board that Daniel, one of our team members, assembled shows the subtle differences between some of the more popular shingles available. Knowing the profiles and styles are crucial in choosing the correct replacement shingle. The shingle board was assembled in such a way that a side by side comparison will show unique shingle characteristics. On the other hand, choosing the right color is a totally different challenge! Seriously just home many gray color options are there? Is it castle gray, estate gray, granite gray, shadow gray, cambridge gray, quarry gray, slate gray, twilight gray, mountain gray, fox hollow gray? Wait, is it charcoal gray….?

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