It’s taken us 25 years but we did it! We have worked hard enough and smart enough to get big enough to get the best mills in Canada to make us our own top quality cedar shakes! This is a huge blessing for all involved. A real win-win situation.  The standards are nothing short of perfection. What this means to you is that we are skipping all of the middle men! Those middle men markups traditionally add up to $30 to $70 per square for a homeowner. With our new Canadian sourcing, we can bring absolute top-quality cedar shake shingles to Portland and supply them to our customers for just a little more than all the others offer lower grade crappy shakes. It’s a beautiful thing!

The difference to you as a homeowner is 80% less maintenance. Fewer repairs, less treatment and a lot better looking roof profile. You should take the time to look at the roofs that we have replaced within just a few minutes of your home. When you request a free inspection, we leave behind a list of the nearby addresses so you can drive your neighborhood and check out our work. If we are in your sights to be your maintenance company, we serve a lot of your neighbors too, all within a few minutes of you.

improper cedar roof repair

Improper Cedar Roof Repair

All of us here at Roof Life of Oregon spend 8-10 hours per day looking at roofs. This is our life, and it’s what we do every day. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Portland roofing contractors who have done some awful work over the years. We’re fixing problems every day that would scare you to death if you knew what was going on up on your roof. Seeing what we see makes us work even more diligently developing ways to explain the differences so that as a layperson you can make an educated decision. Roof Life of Oregon is your best and safest choice in roofing and roof maintenance in Portland

In the roof maintenance world of Portland, there are several companies that use a pretreated green shake to repair a roof that was roofed with raw shakes. These repairs never blend in, leaving you with a permanently marked roof. Others use a #2-grade shake so they can save a couple hundred dollars per roof. Some others find it too time consuming to hand nail the repairs in a blind nail application, instead they top nail and/or use a nail gun and nail the daylights out of your roof. And how about the contractor who only uses small crappy shakes that never fill the hole they were pulled from, leaving key ways 2-3 times the regulation size required for your roof to work right.

ugly cedar roof repair

These Cedar Keyways are too wide

You know that none of these contractors is worried about their poor workmanship, because they’re not going to answer the phone when you call with a problem. If you had a bucket with as many holes as their warranties have, it would never fill up. You only find out you been shystered when there is a leak or you go to sell and the roof flunks the inspection. This happens all the time in Portland.

In the roof replacement world of Portland, there are some really extreme cases. I’ve been documenting them and I’ll be sure to show them to you in future blog posts.

I’m Patrick Morin, founder of Roof Life of Oregon. I’ve made it my mission to educate Portland homeowners about the roofs over their heads. If you need me, you know where to find me. Just look up on your neighbor’s roof or call us at (503) 925-0125.

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