A roof leak, is a roof leak, until its been determined to not be a roof leak. Daniel White took a trip to inspect a roof because the homeowner was complaining about multiple roof leaks. What you will see is real. In fact, we tried to conjure up something this ridiculous and determined it wouldn’t be physically possible to show you the evidence.

Luckily for you, Daniel gives us a tour on what appears to be a new roof and turns out to be an undetectably bad roof.


We’re up on the roof now and you can see this roof is basically brand new. It’s definitely under five years old and just right off you can see things still left on the roof from the original roofers. Look at that, there’s a hook blade from the point where they cut it. Nails still sitting up here; I promise you we cannot make this stuff up the things that are done on roofs. First of all, we have this chimney. Part of this roof is one layer, which is this whole section here; the other side is two layers. This is how they did their flashing; they left the old stuff up, and put this peel and stick, which they thought was going to keep the water out, which is obviously not working. You can see the shingles are completely popping up, you see this area for water to go inside; that’s not working. I love this ridge; it doesn’t exist. They didn’t even do a ridge. They ran the first set over, second set over, and just overlapped it over the top with plenty of exposed nails actually lifting up driving the water inside. Unbelievable. It continues on. A wonderful closed cut valley which we would never do, we would always use metal. Exposed nails all over this roof. It gets completely worse. Come on down to these vents. This is how they’re trying to keep the water out. You can see that second layer underneath there, any water that’s traveling down the backside of this vent is going to travel down, right up underneath there under the shingle, and into the house. This was supposed to stop that from happening. They’re all like that. Believe it or not it still gets worse. See that? It’s a low slope roof. That’s roof is only about a 2/12. All the water running down the roof here is supposed to meet a piece of metal that metal is then supposed to go over the top of this roof and push the water to the outside. Guess where all that water is going? Right underneath; completely rotting all of this. This is actually OSV wood right here. This is supposed to be the roof deck. Completely rotten. I’m not even going to walk out on there. I can see the dips in it knowing that it’s dry rot and that, that is completely unsafe to walk on. Not only does the roof have to be replaced, but all that deck has to be replaced. All of it. As I said before, I cannot make this stuff up. This is the kind of shotty work that a cheap contractor is going to put on.

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