Some problems are easily detectable and some problems go unseen until it’s too late. Unfortunately, very few roofing contractors install a roof in the homeowners best interest. Most roofing contractors pay their employees by the square (the size of the project) instead of by the hour. The more roofs you can construct in a day the more you get paid.

Today, we discover a major roof installation problem as a result of mother nature unleashing her wrath on this Portland Oregon roof. Daniel White shows us the problem with the roof underlayment and explains why this problem is a serious workmanship mistake.


We’re on a roof over off of NE Glisan in NE Portland and we have some blow off issues going on over here. Quite honestly, this roof blew off because they used a 3-tab on it. It was actually code quite a few years ago, they allowed that to happen, a lot of these areas north of Division won’t allow a 3-tab out here because it just can’t handle the wind as it comes through here. Aside from the blow off, something right away was the felt paper. See these x-marks here? This is from the roofer, as they were installing this roof they were cutting the shingles right on top of the roof. Right over the felt paper they were cutting the shingles and installing them. They did that everywhere. If you look up on this you can see x-mark there, crosses there, all these cuts. They might as well have not even put felt paper on this house. Look at all these cuts. That’s from their blades as they were installing this thing, just being lazy, throwing the shingles on the roof, and cutting away. Unbelievable.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we pay our roof installation team by the hour to ensure underlayment problems like this are never occur. If you want to learn more about the Roof Life of Oregon difference in roof installation visit our roof replacement page.

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