Many of the blog posts we write feature poor workmanship because we like to point out Roof Life of Oregon offers Portland’s only lifetime workmanship warranty. Today we’re going to look at a roof that from afar looks fine, but up close just doesn’t look right.

Two popular types of composition shingles are presidential and grand sequoia.

Grand Sequoia


You can see there is a very subtle difference to the pattern. The same components and underlayment are used the only difference is the roof installation pattern. Both types of roofs are designed to function exactly the same it’s all an aesthetic preference for the homeowner.

If we take a closer look at the roof we viewed from the street you’ll notice something just doesn’t look right. The pattern looks off for some reason. This is a perfect example of a roof installation team, that typically installs grand sequoia composition roofs, trying to install a presidential composition roof. Unfortunately for this homeowner, the roof installation team doesn’t know the installation pattern for a presidential composition roof. Instead, they took the presidential style shingle and installed it using the grand sequoia pattern. It would be like a natural redhead dying their hair black, it just doesn’t look right.

At Roof Life of Oregon our roof installation team constructs roofs that look good, work right, and last longer than our competition. If a roofing contractor doesn’t know the installation pattern how can you expect them to provide with a bullet proof roof? To learn more about our composition roof replacement division please visit the following link.

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