If you’ve lived in Portland for the past year, you know that we set seven state records in seven months. One for snow and ice, one for wind, and the other five were rain amounts.

The amount of rain in our calendar year is 33.33 inches, but the way we’re getting that rain has changed. It used to just kind of sprinkle all the time, but now we get storm surges and angry wind.

Last year, we experienced the leftovers a tsunami here in Portland and got 2.5 inches of a rain in a very short period of time. It took our roofs that were just kind of relaxing and chilling and woke them up!

That was the beginning of seven months of unrelenting storms. The roofs that were installed five to twenty-five years ago just weren’t prepared for this extreme weather that we get now. But thanks heavens, we are finally caught up on repairs and roof treatments!

There are 42 of us here that are committed to helping you and your roof make it through another stormy Portland season. If the weather finds a way into your home, we’re ready to help. It’s not going to be six weeks until we get to you.

We’re going to do everything we can to get that leak stopped. If we can’t get to you right away, we’ll help you mitigate it as best we can over the phone.

When the weather exceeds your roof’s ability to keep the water out, call Roof Life of Oregon. We’ll help you fix it as fast as humanly possible.


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