We’ve reached the final part of our three part series on cedar shingle roofs with roofing expert Daniel White. On Monday, Daniel gave us a run down on the construction of a cedar shingle roof. Yesterday, Daniel showed us what happens when roof repair goes awry. Today, Daniel talks about what should have been done and what ultimately this homeowner has to do to fix this visible problem.


The other thing that they did, this roof has a change in pitch. A nice 4/12 that runs up into a 12/12. When you have that transition, they tried to curve these shingles and to get those shingles to curve, did you see what they did, they used all these staples and you can see all these big gaps under here. There should have been a piece of metal transitioning from here, a piece of metal across here, and then the new pitch starting here, and running on down. Instead, they tried to curve it and it’s not working. This entire side, brand new, has to be replaced.

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