We continue our three part series on cedar shingle roofs with roofing expert Daniel White. Yesterday, Daniel gave us a run down on the construction of a cedar shingle roof. Today, Daniel shows us a re-roof job that went awry. You can visibly see the difference between a normally constructed cedar shingle roof and the re-roof performed.


They used a 16 inch shingle and I’ll show you how I can tell what that is. You can see right here is tar paper. You shouldn’t even be seeing any tar paper at all. Here to here is 16 inches. The reveal, meaning how much of the wood is showing, should have only been five inches like over there on the other side of the roof. Instead, the contractor has a seven inch reveal. He only has this one, that one, and that one covering. He should have actually had a fourth one covering this very end here. So we should have had five inches to there, starting the new one here, and then five inches again starting the new one here. Five inches, and then the very end here, which you shouldn’t even be seeing at all, should be another shingle here.

If you have a roof that looks like this then you need a detailed inspection before moving forward! Contact Roof Life of Oregon to conduct one of our free roof inspections and ensure you know all of your options prior to moving forward.

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