Daniel White, one of our roofing experts, has put together a three part series to help homeowners learn about on cedar shingle roofs. Are all cedar shingle roofs created equal? In part one, Daniel talks to us about the makeup of a cedar shingle roof.


Today we’re way out in McMinnville taking a look at what we’re told is a shake roof. It actually is not a shake roof; it’s a shingle roof, a 5x shingle. Now, unfortunately a lot of contractors don’t know the difference, they say they’re roofing contractors, they say they can put on shakes, but if they do it wrong it’s just not going to work. Let’s show you the difference. This is a 5x shingle. From here to here is five inches and we’ll take a tape measure to show you. That’s the exposure you have, five inches of exposure. Underneath here, the actual shingle is 16 inches, 16-18 inches depending on what they’re using. Another contractor came in to do this section and they did it completely wrong.

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