Unfortunately, roofing contractors are a dime a dozen. The average roofing contractor lasts two to three years before going out of business. One of the ways roofing contractors try to stay afloat is by providing a price point much lower than a reputable company. In fact, the workers for these companies are paid by the square, not the hour, which further incentives completing the job as fast as possible.

If the difference between completing two and three jobs in one day is the difference between feeding or not feeding your family, you’re going to do everything you can to complete three jobs in a day. Even if that means cutting corners or providing a faulty completed product.

Today I’ll show you a great example of what a typical shyster roofing contractor does and why it’s undetectable to the homeowner.


Patrick Morin, June 8th 2010, we’re on a 20 year old shake roof on Murry Hill, and I want to talk about what happened two years ago. The homeowner told us that a roof maintenance contractor, so to speak, helped them with their roof. I want to show down here, this is a repair they did, looks pretty good, the spacing is good, and as you go up to the top where they blended it into the original roof they’ve top nailed everything. Which is not code, it needs to be blind nailed where the fasteners are underneath this row and then this repair is right underneath this area. This area was like this two years ago, this was just left up here, and sprayed over not thinking anything about it. It’s just basically shot. This roof should have been replaced two years ago. Instead, it was pressure washed and slightly repaired, leaving the homeowner to believe it’s all repaired, and then stained. Another clue, that some of you out there in the greater Portland area will know is whenever a roofing contractor suggests to replace all of the ridge caps, generally you’ll know he’s a shyster. On this roof all of the ridge caps have been replaced so that when the homeowner got home they thought, “Oh, wow that looks wonderful.” But, in reality where the water flows the main body of the roof he left this kind of stuff. So now the homeowner spent all that money and now has to replace the roof just two years later. At Roof Life of Oregon this will not happen. We will not suggest or do anything that won’t help move your roof forward saving you money and time. Allowing you to put your house on the market and get it sold, if that’s what you choose to do, in the middle of our warranty period.

Since 1983, we’ve provided Portland Oregon quality roofing they can count on. At Roof Life of Oregon, you get a dependable, knowledgeable, warranty backed roofing contractor that wont cut corners or pay our employees by the square (we pay by the hour). Don’t take a chance on the low priced shyster roofing contractor. Choose the best, choose Roof Life of Oregon.

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