When you are buying or selling a home, you can hire a home inspector to go through the home and tell you what needs to be fixed up, but the one thing that usually gets left out is a roof certification. Roof Life of Oregon can provide you with a certification that will give you the information you need to negotiate the best deal, as a buyer or a seller.

Most home inspectors just lean a ladder against the house and see what they can on your roof. Roof Life of Oregon provides a full, on-the-roof inspection of your home, with a five-year certification and life expectancy. The fee is $300 if you’re not a Roof Life client, and is completely waived, if you are. If there are things that need to be done, we will itemize them, with a price.

Seller’s Perspective
If you’re the seller, I will represent your interests. You can put it in your home package that your roof is certified by Roof Life of Oregon for five years and has an eight, ten or fifteen year expectation. The expectation of the roof will be written out, with instructions for the new homeowner to help their roof reach its life expectancy.

Buyer’s Perspective
If I’m representing the buyer, I’m looking for things that are going to keep you from having to purchase a big-ticket item immediately after move in. I’m going to give you the information you need to negotiate a fair price.

I once had a homeowner make an offer on a home and then asked me out to inspect the roof. I found out that this huge shake roof was completely shot. The buyer was able to go back to the seller and negotiate a forty-four thousand dollar credit to install a new roof. So the service can be a really great deal.

With a certified roof inspection, you know exactly what to expect, from a buyer and seller perspective. Roof performance is extremely important in Portland, where we are getting storm surges that come through and really lay down the roof. A roof certification from Roof Life of Oregon takes the roof’s performance off of you and puts it onto us.

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