We have a client in a historical town called Aurora where everything on the home has to be done to certain specifications to meet historical criteria. He waited until after he purchased his beautiful home to have Roof Life of Oregon out for a check-up. It ended up costing him big time.

The client bought this historical home under the assumption that his general home inspector would give him the heads up if there was a problem with the roof. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

When we went out to do some well care on the cedar shingles, we found that we could pull them apart by hand. They were moving with our feet. There was nothing holding this roof on except the fact that it was laying on top of each other.

To make it worse, the roof required for the home happens to be Fivex cedar shingles – one of the most expensive roofs, because of the nailing and cost of the wood product.

This rebuild is going to cost $90,000.  Prior to buying the home, he could’ve hired Roof Life of Oregon to do a real estate certification for $300. Needless to say, this guy is not happy. He’s distraught that the general inspector didn’t recommend a licensed roofing company to look at the roof.

I recently did a real estate certification for a woman before she purchased her home and found that the roof needed $48,000 of work. She was able to get a credit for that amount to buy the home. If she hadn’t done the certification, she would never have known.

Make sure you check with the HOAs as well. Sometimes they require certain types of roofing. You’ll want to call us so we can check the value of the roof before you buy it. That $300 charge will provide you with a lot of knowledge, and knowledge is power in a real estate transaction.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a real estate certification for your roof gives you peace of mind. I certified a twenty year-old asphalt shingle the other day for a retired professor at Portland State. He was nervous when I got down off the roof, and was relieved to hear that I’d certify it.

Real estate transactions are already stressful enough. Let us take some of that stress away by telling you exactly where the roof is at and what you can expect for the next five years. Don’t let a $300 charge stop you from finding out what’s going on with one of your biggest assets. You could spend a little, and get a huge return.

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