Sometimes you have to pay a little more to get a little more. Having a high quality heavy duty shake roof will naturally last longer than a low quality shake roof. However, if you don’t maintain it with high quality products it will deteriorate just as quickly. Patrick D. Morin talks about why Copper Napthenate, a commonly used product on roofs, should never be used on your roof.


This is Patrick Morin, Roof Life of Oregon, we’re on a shake roof in Lake Oswego March 31st 2010. People always ask me why we do we use the products that we use on shake roofs to maintain them. One of the products we don’t use, and we’ve never used, is Copper Naphthenate. Copper Naphthenate is a metallic metal that’s a really good wood preservative, but when a roof is held on by galvanized fasteners zinc and copper are opposing metals and when mixed with water they corrode. This is a beautiful shake and what’s happened is this is a 60 galvanized nail, but you can see it’s just corroded right off of there. The copper this roof was treated with has eaten the fasteners. These shakes are starting to fall out of the roof, not because they’re decayed, but because the treatment that was put on reacts with the zinc based metal which is galvanization.

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