The first time we come to your house before a re-roof we inspect the roof. The second meeting happens face-to-face with you and your spouse. We want to help you thoroughly understand all of your options so that you can pick the best roof for you and your family.

I do get some kickback sometimes when I ask to sit down with both the husband and wife to go over options. They think, “Oh, great. Here comes the sales guy.” But that’s not it at all. Of course, we want you to buy your roof from us, but that’s not the reason we want to sit down with you. We want you to completely understand what’s going on your roof.

A homeowner usually gets three or four bids before replacing a roof, and the prices can be vastly different. We want you to have correct information to decipher what those bids mean. We’re not just going to shoot you an email with a number and hope it makes sense. We’re going to show you all the different options, our suggestions, and let you pick what you want.

We will use the information we gather from the initial inspection, and help you design a roof that best suites your environment. How much foliage surrounds your roof? Do you get a lot of direct sun exposure? We will suggest a roofing material that can withstand your unique environment, but the final decision is all yours.

We’re not there to try and rope you in with fancy sales tactics. We just want you to fully enjoy the roof you put on your home.

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