I was recently asked in one of our podcasts how I spend a workday at Roof Life of Oregon. I’m a hands-on type of guy, and while I love getting on roofs and figuring out problems, the best part of my day is working with people.

On a typical day, I get up at five, eat a banana, and go to the gym. I workout, and then spend some time reading. I read the scriptures, and other things that help me be a better husband, father, friend and mentor. Then I run home, grab some breakfast (I love a toast and peanut butter), and go check on my Black Angus cows, before heading into Roof Life of Oregon.

I come into the office at around nine or ten and by then, everything is buzzing and the phones are ringing. We have an amazing team here of around fifty people. One of the best parts of my day is going to my desk to check my messages to see who wants to talk to me. I get to spend some time answering clients’ questions about their roofs.

By noon, I’m itching to get on some roofs. I spend noon to five out in the field. I handle all of our real estate transactions. I started doing it originally because no one else wanted to- both parties, the buyer and the seller, tend to be a little stressed. I thought I would relieve my team by taking them on myself. That was four or five years ago and now, I just love it!

My absolute, favorite part of the day is dealing with our people. I enjoy getting out in the field and meeting with clients face-to-face, when I can.   I usually end my day around five so I can go home to dinner with my family. Sometimes in the evening I’ll spend an hour or so calling clients, and catching them to answer more questions.

That’s my day! And I love what I do.


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