Let us first start by saying, we do not condone getting on your roof yourself. It’s extremely dangerous. Most of the household accidents that have to do with roofing happen when you’re getting on and off the roof from your ladder. But if you have to climb up there for and DIY roof repairs while you wait for the professionals this leak season, here are a few tips to make it a little bit safer.

  1. Use a Proper Ladder

Don’t use a stepladder or an A-frame to get on your roof. They will slip out from underneath you. Get a long, extension ladder that extends at least three rungs above the gutter line.

  1. Strap Off the Ladder

Make sure you strap your ladder to the roof. If you don’t, a big gust of wind could knock the ladder over, leaving you stuck on your roof. It’s happened to the best of us, so make sure you’re strapped off.

  1. Use Three Points of Contact

    Make sure you have three points of contact when getting on and off the roof. Transitioning is the most dangerous part of working on a roof. Have one hand on a rung, your other hand on the roof, and a foot on the roof. Whatever it is, use three points of contact at all times.

wooden-board-1337232_1920We want you to be able to come down and have dinner with your family that night, instead of sitting in a hospital, nursing your broken leg. It’s best to leave roof work to the professionals at Roof Life of Oregon.

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