My wife and I planted two beautiful cherry trees sixteen years ago. They eventually grew over the top of our two-story house. I had to get up there and trim the branches off the roof, and my wife got a little mad at me. She didn’t understand why I had to trim our beautiful trees. I did it for a few reasons. Here are three of them:

  1. Leaks

trim-treeEvery time the wind blows, the branches move around and rub on your roof. They’ll actually rub the shingles raw, go through the fiberglass, and cause a leak. Worse, if there is a bad storm and a branch falls, it can punch a hole in the roof. We’ve seen this more than a few times.

  1. Moss

Another side effect to having trees over your roof is moss. They create a nice, shady environment that moss loves, and it’s going to be a lot harder to prevent. The leaves, needles, and pinecones also dam up your valleys and keyways, making water intrusion more likely. We clean and treat roofs all over Portland, but if you have heavy tree debris, it makes it much more difficult to maintain a moss-free environment.

  1. Animals

Branches over roofs make a squirrel and raccoon highway. You’ve probably heard them running across your roof. If your trees are too close, animals can get from the tree to your roof, find a vent, chew a hole, and get inside your attic.

Roof Life of Oregon recommends you trim trees away from the house. It’s going to prevent roof damage, help prevent moss, and keep rodents at bay.

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