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2 Reasons NOT to Mix & Match Components

Posted January 23, 2018 by Daniel White

Manufacturers make components to match their shingles.

Once you decide the type of shingle that’s going on your roof, you roofer should also use that manufacturer’s parts and pieces. Furthermore, your roofer should not mix & match components. There are two major reasons to do that.

1) Keep your warranty intact.

Probably the biggest reason to match your components is your warranty. If one of the mixed pieces fails, it may be harder to go after a warranty claim.

Let’s say your roofer puts on a composition roof with one manufacturer, but they find a cheaper ridge cap by another manufacturer. If your roof fails or has issues, and you call the shingle manufacturer out to look at it, the rep is going to say, “That’s not our ridge cap.” They might not honor your warranty.

So your roofer should stick to one manufacturer for the entirety of the roof: the starter, the ridge caps, and even ice and water. They are meant to work together.

2) Matching parts enhances aesthetics.

I sometimes look at roofs and just wonder, “What were they thinking?” I’ve seen a gray roof with brown metal valleys. I’ve even seen a house with white metal, even though there was no white to be found anywhere else on the house. It just screams at you from the street!

It’s really simple. You can make your roof look nicer and function properly by simply matching the components. Use one manufacturer’s products.

Roof Life of Oregon always matches components. In fact, we’ll sit down with you before installing your roof and itemize the list of parts and pieces that we are going to use. Some contractors just drop a bid off at your door. It may be cheaper, but what are they leaving out? If a part fails in a few years, will your warranty hold up?

These are important questions to ask before you invest in a roof. Make sure your contractor is using one manufacturer for the shingles and components.

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