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1 Thing You Can Do Right Now to Prep Your Roof for Fall

Posted October 24, 2017 by Jerry Becker

First things first: look up. A lot of people forget they have a roof until it starts to leak. So grab a beverage during half time of the game, take a walk around your house, and look up at your roof. Just by looking up, you get a better idea of how to prepare your roof for fall.

Is there a bunch of debris sticking out of your gutters and on top of your roof? If so, give us a call. We don’t recommend you get up on top of your roof and try to take care of it yourself. We’ve seen and heard too many horror stories about people getting hurt.

A few leaves and twigs here and there is not a big deal. It’s when it builds up and creates a dam that you have a problem. Water is designed to go down and off of roofs. All the grooves on your shingles aren’t just there for aesthetics; they are there to direct water into the gutters and water stream.

If water starts to go sideways, you start running into problems and leaks. We can come out to your home and assess the situation. Your roof may need to be blown or washed off. It depends on the severity of the growth and how long it’s been on your roof.

Before it gets too cold, take a walk around your house, look up, and make sure your roof is in good condition for the fall and winter seasons. Observing the state of your roof and getting an idea of how to better prepare your roof for fall sets you in the right direction. If you have that queasy feeling when you watch the news and hear a storm is coming, give Roof Life of Oregon a call.

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