roof cost estimator

Roofing Cost Estimator Breakdown A roofing cost estimator or calculator is not very well suited for the average homeowner. Odds are, you are looking for the best way to calculate the estimates for roof costs. Many roof replacement calculators out in the internet space compile confusing metrics using square footage, dimensions, and other bits of… Read more »

When it comes to roof moss, it can become a cumbersome issue. In the Pacific Northwest, it is the foremost cause of roof leaks, shifting shingles and ruining the overall look of your home. Some people have decided to take matters into their own hands and look to DIY solutions. Before going into some DIY… Read more »

Roof Moss is equally annoying and detrimental. As you know, the moss itself begins to lift/shift your shingles, compromise the foundation of your roof, and create leaks. In an attempt to remedy this, many have found a lot of success with zinc powder. Before going into its effectiveness on roof moss, some background on this… Read more »