We serve over 10,000 customers in the Portland and Vancouver area, and I think we do a pretty darned good job of keeping nearly all of them happy. Sometimes, you come across a customer that can’t be pleased. We had one last fall. We did our best to please her, and I’m sure our competitors are glad that they didn’t get her call.

It’s a long story, so if you want to bail out here, that’s fine!

I’ll save the details of our side of the story until the end, but this customer went out and posted bad reviews of our company on sites like Yelp and Google. That’s fine. That’s her right, and we’ve responded appropriately on those sites.

After reading this exchange, if you feel that your experience with Rooflife was better, please let us know. Or…let the world know by posting your own reviews of us. We welcome it all.

Here is the review that our customer posted on Yelp and Google:

We wanted to get the moss off of our roof so called Roof Life. The quote was, 2 guys five hours, and we were told they wouldn’t use a pressure washer because it was not ideal for composite roofs, and they would clean our driveway and entryway. The day the workers came, they power-washed half of the roof, and the driveway in 90 minutes, and then stopped because their machine overheated. The pressure washer took lots of stones out of the exposed aggregate driveway, and left a big hole in our driveway – who knows what they did to our roof which we can’t see up close. When we called to complain, we had to call three times before anyone would call us back. Then, Patrick Morin said, “I only told them to clean half of the roof.” During his quote he completely missed a huge section of moss on the back of our house. The project manager, said they would call before workers came back to clean the other half of the roof, no call came. They didn’t even tell us what time of day they would come. They said they would leave us a compound to help fix the holes they made in the driveway. They showed up and cleaned a corner of the roof, but we were told the work order said, “max one hour.” The moss is still very visible, and they did not leave us the product so we could fix our driveway ourselves, not trusting their poor workmanship. Everyone, from the receptionist to Patrick Morin, are incapable of listening and very good at being condescending. Just horrible customer service! Save yourself a lot of hassle, and don’t call Roof Life of Oregon.

OUCH! That stings a bit, even now, reading it after a few months have passed. Even though we’ve posted “the rest of the story” on the internet, we thought that sharing out side here, might give you an idea of how we approached the situation.

Here is the response that I posted on Google: (our response on Yelp is much shorter because they just don’t let you say as much)

Ms. Pettis (Molly’s mom) is a lifelong acquaintance and was my high school health teacher. By the way I looked old, she looks great. She asked me to help her with her roof maintenance. I met her and inspected it on 9-04-09.

Here are the details: She has 1600 square feet of roof that likes to grow black fungus and moss. The balance of her roof gets direct southern exposure and could use a UV protector. The original color of her roof was brown.

Because of the growth it looked really bad. It made up 2/3rds of the appearance of her home because the roof was really steep. (A 12/12 pitch for those roofing enthusiasts)

I separated the two ideas on the estimate and explained to her the benefits and reasons for every item as we sat on her front concrete porch. She was in a hurry to get the cleaning done as she had scheduled a window installation in one week.

I was able to make room for her on our very tight schedule.

The day we came to her home it was extremely hot and it was the end of the day. Two men are required by OSHA due to the steepness of the roof.

She had asked that her concrete be pressure washed. As we sat there I could see the poor shape it was in and informed her that it will fall apart in a few places due to original installation of aggregate in the concrete.

I told her I would not accept the liability if she insisted on it being cleaned. She asked for it to be done after my warning.

The roof maintenance products we use are self cleaning and environmentally friendly. The only reason we have to clean the moss and fungus off prior to treating composition roofs is that the growth is always heavy on the northeast non-weather sides.

The southwest sides get pounded by rain in Portland and the product will remove any growth on those sides , so there is no need to clean a southwest side off prior to treatment.

I did, while sitting on the front steps with Beth, give her a 5% single mom discount and additional 5% discount for being a great health teacher way back when.

My estimate is always derived from the pitch and square footage of the roof. In the process of serving a roof correctly, we make a lot of trips to a home with different crews; Cleaning, repairs, and treatment.

After the cleaning process Beth asked if I would come over and look at the concrete and wanted to inform me that the crew missed a section on the back southwest side of the roof.

I gently tried to remind her of our discussions regarding northeast vs. southwest sides and the fragile concrete.

Regardless, she wanted the back cleaned and the rocks glued back into some areas on her step and driveway edges. I told her I would come out and see what her concern was and that meanwhile I will have a crew stop over after a nearby job and clean off the small section on the back southwest side(at no charge).

After the inspection of the few areas of concern on the concrete edges I again reminded her of our conversation on that subject.

By the way, the roof looked brand new after cleaning. You can actually see that it is a brown shingle.

The growth will come back again within a year if it is not treated.

Beth (Molly’s mom) decided not to treat the roof so we amended her contract to be what she wanted. I feel that after reviewing the client calls and her requests, the service details that we could not have done more.

We’ve served over 10,000 homes in the Portland area. It saddens me to think that we can’t make everyone 100% happy. But that’s the way it goes.

Patrick D. Morin, owner of Rooflife of Oregon.

There you have it. How did we do? What should I have done differently to change the outcome? We truly want to be Portland’s best roofing company, and your help is appreciated.

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